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We are so much grateful to have you among us in We are previliged to publish your ideas and voice your thoughts on our platform. 

Our mission is to create an online platform where educators and teachers can learn from one another, share their practices and experiences, share their knowledge and wisdom, continue reading and writing and keep up with our professional development. 


Your article should fall into one of these categories: 

Writing categories


  1. Educational technology (ICT)
  2. Textbook design
  3. Textbook evaluation
  4. Curriculum and language
  5. Educational research
  6. Educational assessment
  7. Theories of language learning
  8. Pedagogy and andragogy
  9. Teaching methods and approaches
  10. Educational games
  11. Teaching language skills
  12. Language 
  13. Education 

Before you send your work, make sure:


  1. Your article is original (not pliagorized),
  2. You attach a referencing list if you use any references,
  3. Your article should be relevant to the scope of the website,
  4. Your article shouldhave a good title,
  5. Your article is coherent,
  6. Your ideas are meaningful,
  7. Your aricle is well structured,
  8. Your ideas are not “biased”,
  9. Your article is proofread and edited.






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