Basic English Vocabulary for English Learners

(ESL & EFL Vocabulary)

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Months, / Days                View
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Thematic English Vocabulary for English Learners

(ESL & EFL Vocabulary)


Classroom View
House View
Appearances View
Clothes View
The body View
Personal relations View
Education  View
Food View
Shopping  View
Recreation  View
Health & welfare View
Arts View
Science & Technology View
Environment & Ecology View
Economy View


Our cultural heritage View
Education View
Media View
Leisure & entertainment View
Celebrations View
Health care View
Ecology View
Social problems View
Human rights  View
Travel  View


Formal, informal/non-formal education View
Cultural issues and values View
Gifts of youth View
Women and power View
Advances in science & technology View
Humor View
Citizenship View
Brain drain View
Sustainable development View
International organizations View

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