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WE, at edutopians.com, are educators who are truly passionate about the English language and education issues.

Edutopians are Us, You and and every single person in the world who is entirely inquisitive about English language teaching and learning. Edutopians are individuals who are creative, life-long learners and eager to impart a perspective of excellence with regard to education.

Edutopians.com is an international online platform that aims at the following goals:

  • Share knowledge about language in a way that brings rejoice and fun;
  • Share the best practices of language learning and teaching from teachers all over the world;
  • Maintain in-formal professional development and life-long learning;
  • Encourage academics to write and share their perspectives on different educational issues;
  • Publish articles on instruction curriculum, teaching and learning, educational assessment, educational policy, classroom management written by actual teachers;
  • Report educational events such as: seminars, conferences, workshops to spread more knowledge. 

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Founder of Edutopians.com


Youssef OUFELA is currently an EFL teacher in Laayoune, Morocco. He got a BA. Degree in theoretical linguistics in 2014 and an MA. In Applied Linguistics and Language Studies in 2017 from Ibn Zohr University in Agadir, Morocco. Mr. OUFELA has been formally and informally involved in EFL teaching and training since 2014 with private institutions. He is a part-time job freelancer on Fiverr providing writing and editing Gigs to customers. He is a professional blog posts and articles writer and editor. He has published several articles on educational issues on https://www.eflmagazine.com and http://moroccopens.us.com. He is the founder of edutopians.com. He has participated in several seminars and conferences in Morocco. He is highly interested in education issues. His research interests relate to applied Linguistic issues, Educational Assessment and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).















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