ESL/EFL Grammar Rules

   1. Tenses

Simple present View
Simple past View
Simple future View
Present continuous View
Past continuous View
Future continuous View
Present perfect View
Past perfect View
Future perfect View
Present perfect continuous View
Past perfect continuous View
Future perfect continuous View

    2. Present Perfect

Present perfect with: Just, Already and Yet View
Present perfect with: For and Since View
Present perfect with: Ever and Never View

   3. Other Grammar Rules

Personal pronouns View
Possessive pronouns View
Demonstrative adjectives/pronouns View
Verb to be in the present View
Closed/open questions in present View
Prepositions View
Used to View
Adverbs of frequency View
Comparative/superlative adjectives View
Quantifiers View
Regular verbs

Irregular verbs



Irregular verb endings View
Reflexive pronouns View
Tag questions View
Definite and indefinite articles View
Too/enough View
Gerund and infinitive View
Phrasal verbs View
Relative pronouns View
Passive voice View
Wish in the present View
Wish in the past View

   4. Conditionals 

Conditional  (0) View
Conditional  (1) View
Conditional  (2) View
Conditional  (3) View

   5. Modals

Modasl in the present View
Modals in the past View

   6. Reported Speech

Reported speech (statements) View
Reported speech (Questions) View
Reported speech (Commands) View

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